About Us

Our Mission

“Produce and provide reliable high yielding varieties of coconut seedlings at best prices”

Jay hind


We at Jay Hind farms believe that producing the best possible varieties of coconut seedlings and providing them to our stakeholders are our primary duty. We assure you the best quality seedlings that can give better yield than what’s available to you before us. You don’t have to worry about the quality of the seedlings anymore, just focus on how to give the best possible care to the planted seedlings.

How do we differ from others?

We are different from other coconut seedling nurseries in a lot of ways, some of them are detailed below,

Jay hind

Focus on farm production


Jay Hind Farm produces coconut seedlings by obtaining mother seeds from reputed and recognised coconut farms in South India. We do not purchase and supply saplings from other nurseries. By producing seedlings in our own farm, we ensure the quality and reliability of the different varieties of coconut saplings that we supply

Brand Tags


We attach brand tags of our farm to every seedling that we supply and the QR code in the tag provides information about the coconut variety, the unique features of the variety and other relevant details. This is to ensure that the customers get the variety that they expect to purchase. 

Brand Tags
Chowghat Orange coconut seedlings

Mother palm selection and nursery management


As coconut is a perennial crop, which starts yielding after several years of anxiety for the farmer, we take extreme care in coconut mother palm selection and nursery management. The need for collecting seed materials from high yielding coconut palms is essential. We select gardens free from diseases with a high proportion of heavy bearers. Gardens are selected in geographical centres well known for good quality seed nuts and seedlings, e.g, in Kerala, Kuttiadi in Kozhikode and Chavakkad in Thrissur districts. Our seed nuts sprouts in poly bags filled with processed coir pith

Expert advice


Our experts, with several years of experience in coconut cultivation, provide farmers advice on coconut farming such as field preparation for planting, manuring and use of organic and inorganic fertilizers, irrigation  and drought management, pests and pest control, diseases and treatment , organic farming, etc. 

expert advice on coconuts
Chowghat Green Dwarf​

Web Resources

Our Website attempts to disseminate best practices in coconut cultivation and farm management. Our endeavour through this website will be to build up in the long run a resource base / knowledge base that would inspire and encourage entrepreneurship in coconut cultivation, farm management and value addition in coconut products

Panel of experts & Farm management


We are advised by a panel of agriculture experts with academic, research and field experience in coconut cultivation. The farm is managed by a retired university professor (Dr. Antony Gregory) who has worked with reputed management / agriculture institutes, including SMS (CUSAT) and Allahabad Agricultural Institute Deemed University

Consultancy for coconut based projects


Our panel of experts provide consultancy for agriculture and coconut farming projects in the fields of marketing, feasibility studies, farm / estate management and project implementation. Dr. Antony Gregory, who manages the farm, had been a full time management consultant abroad for over 10 years and currently manages business projects in India worth US $ billions.